Shipping information

The shipping cost will be determined by the largest item. 
For products in A4 paper size or smaller (such as the calendar) I offer free shipping within Europe and 5 Euros shipping costs outside of Europe. For prints which are larger than this size shipping costs are 5 Euros within Germany and 8 Euros worldwide. 


Prints: Paper: Hahnemühle William Turner 190 gsm cotton mould-made watercolour paper
Calendar: 300gsm paper matte, white


Print resolution 
2.880 x 1.440 dpi 

Ink technology
Ultrachrome® HDR, light and waterproof

Printing method
Micro Piezo technology utilises piezo crystals that pulse when electrical signals are sent to them by the printer. It produces incredibly consistent droplets, both in shape and size, to deliver clear and sharp prints.

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